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This month we feature a fantastic global brand. This company is growing fast recognition for the standard or hand crafted products it’s making and we suspect that it is likely to take the world by storm. The company is Plantwear, and it is our “one to watch” at the moment, if you forgive the pun! They are in the wooden watches and sunglasses sector and see a strong opportunity for selling their products as anniversary gifts. We asked them to write a small piece about how they make the perfect gift for wooden anniversary.


A popular worldwide tradition is that on the 5th wedding anniversary you buy your partner a wooden gift. The reason you’re meant to get them a wooden gift is because wood would be used to symbolise strength and wisdom. After 5 years the marriage has strong, deep roots like a tree does and has a strong connection as well as a loving and trusting marriage. Plantwear are an amazing company who sell all different wooden watches and sunglasses, which would be perfect as a gift for your partner. The products they make re all handmade in their own workshops and made from FSC approved woods. They care a lot about nature so because they use wood for their products, every month they plant 50 trees to give back to nature. They make sure to try give back more than they take. They have had many delighted customers who love what they’ve bought. All of their products come in a Plantwear box to keep them safe at all times when they’re on their way to you and when they aren’t being worn. They do all different series for sunglasses and watches. The watches can be personalised specifically for your partner.


5th wedding anniversary gift ideasWhen it comes to watches they have 32 different ones available. The watches come in woods such as ebony, rosewood and oak as well as many other stunning ones. The watches can be completely wood, this means a wooden case and strap, or they can have a wooden case with a calf leather strap. In the heritage range they do special edition colours such as pink, blue, orange and grey, these are put with woods such as ebony or oak; however pink can only be paired with ebony. To get a coloured background on these watches they use a naturally dyed wood veneer. One of the watches they do is the oak one from sierra series. This watch is made from solid oak; this means the case and strap are full wood without leather. It has an adjustable strap like all the other watches and comes with a kit for if the size needs changing. It’s also splash resistant but not completely water resistant.


When it comes to sunglasses they have 6 different series available including sport and classic. The woods available for the sunglasses are maple, rosewood, mahogany, wenge and oak. The lenses are polarised TAC lenses which are available in brown, Orange REVO, grey and blue REVO. These are all made from solid wood with double spring hinges, so they are durable and last longer. They are covered with a natural wax for protection and are made of sun resistant wood. Another one of the series is lans which is available in all the woods and lenses, just like fresh. Then there’s classic which is available in all the woods but can only be paired with the brown lenses.


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