Is Sports Massage Therapist Your Future Career?


We intend to feature a lot different career opportunities on this blog. It’s often helpful for people to understand what’s out there so that it can inspire people to strive for something different or a new challenge. This month we look at sports therapy and personal training courses as a way to not only stay healthy but as a possible career choice too. A speacial thanks to who are active bloggers in this area, for helping us to put this piece together.

This career is undoubtedly best suited for those considering a career in active leisure, those who wish to work/seek employment as a sports massage therapist and those already working in active leisure who wishes to enhance their career opportunities.

This job means you would be helping people by reliving aches and pains as well as improving their muscle and skin tone. Your clients would include those with depression, recovering from an illness, professional athletes and sports performers. You would learn to treat those with injuries such as whiplash, shin splints and much more. You will be taught techniques like joint mobilisation and deep friction.

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FLM Training

One training provider that offers a course in sports therapy is FLM training. Their course is level 3 diploma in sports therapy and costs £1199. This course will supply learners with knowledge and skills to be recognised as a sports therapist. This qualification will be recognised by the complementary and natural core council. This course is only available for those aged 16+ years old. This will be a physical activity and learners will need to physical fit to complete this. This course is delivered over 6 days and then an additional day for the assessment. Over these six days you will cover anatomy and physiology, how to assess clients and how to deal with different injuries and strains; as well as much more. Their course is very practical as they believe you can only learn so much from a book and that the best way to learn is to do. All of their tutors have a lot of experience working with the NHS, professional clients and even at the Rugby World Cup with professional sports teams. This course is available in Manchester and Cardiff. If you’re already a personal trainer this will help you to get more clients and means you won’t have to refer them to other people.

There are no specific requirements to get onto this course but it will help you if you have a GCSE in biology or human biology, or if you have a certificate in anatomy and physiology. It will also help if you have good organisational skills and people skills; as you will be talking to a lot of clients.

Most massage therapists are self employed so they get to choose the hours which they work, however these still tend to be evenings and weekends as their clients tend to work during the day so this is the hours they are free. There isn’t a set hourly wage although they can earn between £20 and £60 an hours, as well as tips and commission if they sell products to clients, this all depends on how much they decide to charge and the amount of clients they have.
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