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Make Playing Sports In The Summer Easier


sports sunglasses (2)When you play sports during the summer you want to be able to wear prescription sunglasses although they need to be ones you know will protect your eyes and won’t fall off too easily. Finding sunglasses that fit these needs can be quite hard as you might want or need them to look a certain way or maybe be a certain brand that you know you can trust. Sports eye wear offer a huge range of different sunglasses, including prescription sunglasses, which are made by high quality brands; some of these brands include Ray ban, Aqua Sphere and Sunwise. They offer sunglasses in a range of different colours and styles, each with unique features such as an adjustable strap, padding and different treatments on the lenses. They also categorise some of the sunglasses into sports like cricket and golf, each of which has many different pairs of sunglasses. All of the sunglasses that they offer are comfortable, high quality and long lasting, so you won’t have to be buying new ones as frequently. Ion this article I will be talking about a few pairs of sunglasses which are ideal for if you’re going to be playing golf, one of the brands that I will mention will be called Oakley.


One of the pairs that are ideal for golf is the Bolle Bolt S prescription sports sunglasses. They come in one size which is small and a choice of three colours which are matte black, pink and shiny white. The lens materials that these sunglasses are available with are trivex and polycarbonate. There are so many different lens tints and coatings available including modulator rose and TNS fire. There is one multi AR coating available which is Bolle multi AR coating polycarbonate. The lenses have had both an anti fog and hydrophobic treatment.


Another pair of prescription sunglasses which would be great for playing golf would be the Nike Rabid prescription. These sunglasses come in anthracite, black, deep pewter, matt black and matt black with electric purple. They have many tints and coatings available for the lenses include Nike max orange blaze and Nike max speed tint with silver mirror. These sunglasses are fitted with Shamir smart attitude lenses, which have been given a genuine sun UV coating for protection. They have true freeform back surface for fantastic quality view through the lenses.


Then also there are the Oakley half jacket 2.0 prescription sunglasses. These sunglasses come in pearl and polished black with gun icon. The lens types available would be standard and polarised INC back surface AR. There’s many different tints and coating for you to choose from such as polarised ruby IR and prizm B-AR road.

Choosing The Perfect Bed


When choosing the right bed there are so many different things you need to consider, including the mattress. We spoke to a bed shop in Wigan to learn more about making the right decision.


When it comes to the mattress it’s all about surface area and pressure. The more of your body that is in contact with mattress, means the less pressure on your hips and shoulders. If you choose the right mattress for you then no matter what position you sleep in, you will be comfortable. A good mattress can provide comfort and support, and therefore help to relieve back pain. You don’t want to bed just because it says it’s good for your back, everyone has different requirements for a bed. Orthopaedic tends to mean extra firm, nothing medical, when it comes to mattresses. You will want to find a bed which is supportive rather than firm, often a medium firm bed with cushioning is best. Most mattresses need to be turned regularly to avoid wear and tear, if this is too difficult for you, then you may want to get a mattress which won’t need turning as often.


wigan beds
wigan beds

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, therefore it makes sense to spend time and money a mattress you know that’s best for you. Many people think you need to get a firm orthopaedic mattress but if it’s too firm this can result in hyperlordosis. Hyperlordosis is when the spine in your lower back has excessive curvature. You want to look for a mattress which is soft enough to sink into but firm enough to support you. Also, sleeping on your side tends to avoid long-term back problems. When it comes to pillows, if you sleep on your side then you will want a firmer pillow, if you sleep on your front you will want a very flat pillow and if you sleep on your back you will want a softer one; to keep your neck in line with your spine.


To find the right bed you will want to start looking around local bed places such as The Bedroom Place. Then you will want to try lying down on some of their beds and thinking about if it’s big enough and about the size of the room. You need to make sure it looks good, fells good and works with the mattress. The Bedroom Place offer many different types of beds such as fabric, metal, modern and divan beds as well as many others; also they sell bunk beds and mattresses. All of these are sourced from the finest manufacturers.

One To Watch – Plantwear


This month we feature a fantastic global brand. This company is growing fast recognition for the standard or hand crafted products it’s making and we suspect that it is likely to take the world by storm. The company is Plantwear, and it is our “one to watch” at the moment, if you forgive the pun! They are in the wooden watches and sunglasses sector and see a strong opportunity for selling their products as anniversary gifts. We asked them to write a small piece about how they make the perfect gift for wooden anniversary.


A popular worldwide tradition is that on the 5th wedding anniversary you buy your partner a wooden gift. The reason you’re meant to get them a wooden gift is because wood would be used to symbolise strength and wisdom. After 5 years the marriage has strong, deep roots like a tree does and has a strong connection as well as a loving and trusting marriage. Plantwear are an amazing company who sell all different wooden watches and sunglasses, which would be perfect as a gift for your partner. The products they make re all handmade in their own workshops and made from FSC approved woods. They care a lot about nature so because they use wood for their products, every month they plant 50 trees to give back to nature. They make sure to try give back more than they take. They have had many delighted customers who love what they’ve bought. All of their products come in a Plantwear box to keep them safe at all times when they’re on their way to you and when they aren’t being worn. They do all different series for sunglasses and watches. The watches can be personalised specifically for your partner.


5th wedding anniversary gift ideasWhen it comes to watches they have 32 different ones available. The watches come in woods such as ebony, rosewood and oak as well as many other stunning ones. The watches can be completely wood, this means a wooden case and strap, or they can have a wooden case with a calf leather strap. In the heritage range they do special edition colours such as pink, blue, orange and grey, these are put with woods such as ebony or oak; however pink can only be paired with ebony. To get a coloured background on these watches they use a naturally dyed wood veneer. One of the watches they do is the oak one from sierra series. This watch is made from solid oak; this means the case and strap are full wood without leather. It has an adjustable strap like all the other watches and comes with a kit for if the size needs changing. It’s also splash resistant but not completely water resistant.


When it comes to sunglasses they have 6 different series available including sport and classic. The woods available for the sunglasses are maple, rosewood, mahogany, wenge and oak. The lenses are polarised TAC lenses which are available in brown, Orange REVO, grey and blue REVO. These are all made from solid wood with double spring hinges, so they are durable and last longer. They are covered with a natural wax for protection and are made of sun resistant wood. Another one of the series is lans which is available in all the woods and lenses, just like fresh. Then there’s classic which is available in all the woods but can only be paired with the brown lenses.


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Is Sports Massage Therapist Your Future Career?


We intend to feature a lot different career opportunities on this blog. It’s often helpful for people to understand what’s out there so that it can inspire people to strive for something different or a new challenge. This month we look at sports therapy and personal training courses as a way to not only stay healthy but as a possible career choice too. A speacial thanks to who are active bloggers in this area, for helping us to put this piece together.

This career is undoubtedly best suited for those considering a career in active leisure, those who wish to work/seek employment as a sports massage therapist and those already working in active leisure who wishes to enhance their career opportunities.

This job means you would be helping people by reliving aches and pains as well as improving their muscle and skin tone. Your clients would include those with depression, recovering from an illness, professional athletes and sports performers. You would learn to treat those with injuries such as whiplash, shin splints and much more. You will be taught techniques like joint mobilisation and deep friction.

sports massage

FLM Training

One training provider that offers a course in sports therapy is FLM training. Their course is level 3 diploma in sports therapy and costs £1199. This course will supply learners with knowledge and skills to be recognised as a sports therapist. This qualification will be recognised by the complementary and natural core council. This course is only available for those aged 16+ years old. This will be a physical activity and learners will need to physical fit to complete this. This course is delivered over 6 days and then an additional day for the assessment. Over these six days you will cover anatomy and physiology, how to assess clients and how to deal with different injuries and strains; as well as much more. Their course is very practical as they believe you can only learn so much from a book and that the best way to learn is to do. All of their tutors have a lot of experience working with the NHS, professional clients and even at the Rugby World Cup with professional sports teams. This course is available in Manchester and Cardiff. If you’re already a personal trainer this will help you to get more clients and means you won’t have to refer them to other people.

There are no specific requirements to get onto this course but it will help you if you have a GCSE in biology or human biology, or if you have a certificate in anatomy and physiology. It will also help if you have good organisational skills and people skills; as you will be talking to a lot of clients.

Most massage therapists are self employed so they get to choose the hours which they work, however these still tend to be evenings and weekends as their clients tend to work during the day so this is the hours they are free. There isn’t a set hourly wage although they can earn between £20 and £60 an hours, as well as tips and commission if they sell products to clients, this all depends on how much they decide to charge and the amount of clients they have.
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Working With the Offshore Companies


There is nothing bad in arranging one’s affairs to keep his or her revenue as high as possible and taxes as small as probable. Every person does so whether wealthy or deprived, they all do the right things for themselves and Nobody business-1219868_640owes its public obligation to compensate more than the law load because the levy are imposed by law it is not a voluntary action.

There are number of clients ranging from multinational companies to private individuals to family business and so on. Every time they apply the principle to themselves or to their company to appreciate what they are capable of.

By setting up an OFFSHORE Company, it can be probable for the owner or parent company to operate and secure a number of advantages that mainly focuses on the taxation but can be useful for the protection of their assets.

Here the meaning of offshore Company is, A Company which is incorporated for the purpose operating outside the country of its origin or owners. Operating an offshore company allows them to conduct their business activities, bank transactions and or personal / legal financial affairs with maximum tax benefits and also a level of privacy that provides a stronger layer of protection.

There are multiple reasons that the number of offshore companies are increasing day by day. The very first reason is that an offshore corporation can provide much more tax savings and opportunities and building thdollar-1362244_640e foreign trust.

Secondly there is no need to start a company to save on taxes, if you are a citizen of America just moving out of US is a beneficial first step. However as a US citizen the real tax advantage will not come from saving tax directly it comes from tax deferment. If you are running a business overseas and reinvesting profits within the company then you can defer taxes

Next thing that matters in an offshore company is the availability of labor and employment costs.  In a country like India where labor cost is much less than what it is in other developed countries. Therefore annual in any developing country of Asia is significant when compares to traditional offshore jurisdictions.

A well designed structure of company will allow you to achieve greater benefits, personal freedom privacy and protection of your assets, thereby increasing the quality of your life and living standards.  Setting up an offshore company is not by legal itself or evidence of legal conduct but it requires some rules and regulations to be followed.

Typical fields to which an offshore company can be put includes Trading, Holding, Property owning companies document-428335_640,Professional Services , Shipping, Banking, Insurance and others. For an example importing or exporting company might established themselves in an offshore area, then the offshore company would take orders from the customer , but the goods will be delivered directly to their customers from the manufacturer or place of purchase.

There are number of facts that need to be fully understood before operating any offshore business otherwise it leads to disadvantage for the business firm.  For example in a recent study of “Panama papers” many offshore companies are either emerged out as defaulters or they had got shut down but still active for the sake of benefits.

The researchable database build by the investigative agencies shows that database contains information about more than 32000 offshore companies around the world and includes more than 10000 offshore firms and 6000 people connected with Russia only.


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