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Make Playing Sports In The Summer Easier


sports sunglasses (2)When you play sports during the summer you want to be able to wear prescription sunglasses although they need to be ones you know will protect your eyes and won’t fall off too easily. Finding sunglasses that fit these needs can be quite hard as you might want or need them to look a certain way or maybe be a certain brand that you know you can trust. Sports eye wear offer a huge range of different sunglasses, including prescription sunglasses, which are made by high quality brands; some of these brands include Ray ban, Aqua Sphere and Sunwise. They offer sunglasses in a range of different colours and styles, each with unique features such as an adjustable strap, padding and different treatments on the lenses. They also categorise some of the sunglasses into sports like cricket and golf, each of which has many different pairs of sunglasses. All of the sunglasses that they offer are comfortable, high quality and long lasting, so you won’t have to be buying new ones as frequently. Ion this article I will be talking about a few pairs of sunglasses which are ideal for if you’re going to be playing golf, one of the brands that I will mention will be called Oakley.


One of the pairs that are ideal for golf is the Bolle Bolt S prescription sports sunglasses. They come in one size which is small and a choice of three colours which are matte black, pink and shiny white. The lens materials that these sunglasses are available with are trivex and polycarbonate. There are so many different lens tints and coatings available including modulator rose and TNS fire. There is one multi AR coating available which is Bolle multi AR coating polycarbonate. The lenses have had both an anti fog and hydrophobic treatment.


Another pair of prescription sunglasses which would be great for playing golf would be the Nike Rabid prescription. These sunglasses come in anthracite, black, deep pewter, matt black and matt black with electric purple. They have many tints and coatings available for the lenses include Nike max orange blaze and Nike max speed tint with silver mirror. These sunglasses are fitted with Shamir smart attitude lenses, which have been given a genuine sun UV coating for protection. They have true freeform back surface for fantastic quality view through the lenses.


Then also there are the Oakley half jacket 2.0 prescription sunglasses. These sunglasses come in pearl and polished black with gun icon. The lens types available would be standard and polarised INC back surface AR. There’s many different tints and coating for you to choose from such as polarised ruby IR and prizm B-AR road.

Choosing The Perfect Bed


When choosing the right bed there are so many different things you need to consider, including the mattress. We spoke to a bed shop in Wigan to learn more about making the right decision.


When it comes to the mattress it’s all about surface area and pressure. The more of your body that is in contact with mattress, means the less pressure on your hips and shoulders. If you choose the right mattress for you then no matter what position you sleep in, you will be comfortable. A good mattress can provide comfort and support, and therefore help to relieve back pain. You don’t want to bed just because it says it’s good for your back, everyone has different requirements for a bed. Orthopaedic tends to mean extra firm, nothing medical, when it comes to mattresses. You will want to find a bed which is supportive rather than firm, often a medium firm bed with cushioning is best. Most mattresses need to be turned regularly to avoid wear and tear, if this is too difficult for you, then you may want to get a mattress which won’t need turning as often.


wigan beds
wigan beds

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, therefore it makes sense to spend time and money a mattress you know that’s best for you. Many people think you need to get a firm orthopaedic mattress but if it’s too firm this can result in hyperlordosis. Hyperlordosis is when the spine in your lower back has excessive curvature. You want to look for a mattress which is soft enough to sink into but firm enough to support you. Also, sleeping on your side tends to avoid long-term back problems. When it comes to pillows, if you sleep on your side then you will want a firmer pillow, if you sleep on your front you will want a very flat pillow and if you sleep on your back you will want a softer one; to keep your neck in line with your spine.


To find the right bed you will want to start looking around local bed places such as The Bedroom Place. Then you will want to try lying down on some of their beds and thinking about if it’s big enough and about the size of the room. You need to make sure it looks good, fells good and works with the mattress. The Bedroom Place offer many different types of beds such as fabric, metal, modern and divan beds as well as many others; also they sell bunk beds and mattresses. All of these are sourced from the finest manufacturers.


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